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清洁能源股票本草唇净膏"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Wolf qiang Wang Xingfen waved the mace, sweeps the sight of the enemy fall, the huns by the sudden attack dozen unprepared, start from the other direction of running, looking at the crowd as powerful as a flying dragon flying han army generals, the Wolf king qiang couldn't help loudly praise, at this time, but see the other side of the han Chinese general suddenly towards your lift the longbow, cold JianCu, under the sun quartermaster beaming a bit weird.If li ru had been protected, li ru would have been safe even if he had been protected by the vast sea of horses and thousands of troops. However, the ruthless power of fire and water could not be matched by human power. Rao is a vast sea.Shaking his head, jun han said with a bitter smile: "drink too much and cause trouble. I wanted to ask li kan who knew that he had been sent by the general early in the morning to oversee the shipment of grain and hay. I think last night I asked you to send something to the general to eat.

If the lyu3 bu4, guan yu, zhang fei, the count of force of top military commanders, one can achieve two star, regardless of the skills, you can touch the threshold, second-rate military commanders with familiar people to speak, the begin, He Man is this level (touch with second-rate second-rate threshold is not a level, don't be confused).A JianCu cold to carried over the shoulders, the man is too tired, even killed four people before, has he not physical bottom, at the moment, even detect the plot against an arrow shot from hiding, the body is unable to keep up with the speed of thought, the wind messed up a head of hair, reveal introverted face, turned the horse man rushed out without hesitation, a gun to the poacher stabbed to death, silver gun then a circle, back frame lived at the same time three curved knife cut to come over."Planned? A long time, qiang people young just wake up from shock, incredible looking at the army han: "you say all this is planned?"清洁能源股票Liu bao in the pro - wei surrounded by, embarrassed to fight out of the battle, looking at the gradual collapse of the huns army, pain closed their eyes, lost!

清洁能源股票"Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side."General, he wants to fight the general, to let the Lord come out and compete with him." "Said the general."I ask you, where is my lady?" A shrew pawn direct the wen pin turn over, fierce spirit evil spirit of ask a way.

"Planned? A long time, qiang people young just wake up from shock, incredible looking at the army han: "you say all this is planned?""Come back here, boys, and fight them!" With their own soldiers, each king of tu shouted crazily, trying to call back his troops and horses. There were not many enemies, only 300 of them."Miss." Chen gong shook his head and looked at lu lingqi. "DE rong said before that you are more composed than before, but it seems that you are not.清洁能源股票




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