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igotaboy音译歌词|宿迁企业名录"Yes!" Zhou Cang grinned grimly and dragged Miu Shang's collar like a dead dog."Master!" Marotta frowned and said, "Even though the tetrarch bravely crowned the armed forces, but now the tetrarch is a vassal, not personally involved in danger.""The strategist didn't say? Twelve white water qiang, since not one, there are disputes is inevitable." Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head to look at giffin: "since the strategist took the initiative to offer me white water qiang, I don't think there will be no clue."

"Don't envy others, as long as you can prove your ability, the general don't ask origin, can promote!" Looking at the envious eyes of others, Lv Bu smiled and said, "Continue to seal the prize, Chen Xing."Zhang liao rein, looked around with li kan surrender, a large number of knelt down to the soldiers, frown way: "Korea hence where?"Changan, the former imperial city has now become a dead silence.igotaboy音译歌词|Marotta and zhang embroidery looked at each other, smiled and lifted d way: "the general said heavy, the expedition, not just a few of us, in addition to seibel, zhang liao two generals, master has successfully persuaded baishui, broken qiang, now with baishui, qiang twenty thousand qiang army, bypass wuwei, direct attack jincheng, korea hence this time, will inevitably invade!"

igotaboy音译歌词|At the moment of the evacuation order, Huhue Spring regretted it, Seeing the army in a mess, Under the attack of the han army, gradually became a rout, heart know if let the situation continue to develop, the battle is so boring defeat, regret in the heart, but things have come to this point, can only try to redeem, while life general bypass the rear of the big array, organization of the defeated army from the beginning, while with pro-health in the array, constantly drink to stop the chaos of the huns.A line of people are about to leave, the front of the post road suddenly rolled up smoke, a cavalry is coming this way."Business matters!" The sable cicada struggled, looked at a face of depressed lyu3 bu4.

Zhang both see things have come to this, also can only helplessly close his eyes, the xinfeng city is completely changed, compared with it, he is more curious about the rash man so a dirty man is how to do these things methodically."Lao wang, master hope Lao wang tonight can strengthen the alert, side by d." Korea hence the bodyguard looked at a drunk hazy haoshuai, qiang will, helpless wry smile in the heart, master's command, this time even will not be executed."Pound!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Pound and said, "Remember, keep it!"igotaboy音译歌词|




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