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3d预测彩酷酷|八角充气芯模"What if, I say what if... "Wei yan thought about the wording, but did not know what to say.Hang in there, he was afraid that liu bei's death, under the condition of jiangdong dorigo, probably will miss the best time to into shu, but also good, on the matter, liu bei eventually chose to listen to his advice, not to continue with lyu3 bu4 screwing, zhuge liang to see very clear, this battle, in fact is the coalition lost, according to the front back to news, lyu3 bu4 while also loss a lot, but the loss of, basic it is western fighter, the most elite shot noise and seibel lead battalion after links, there isn't another, lyu3 bu4 under, even if not lead camp also has five elite, at least for now, until in the kanto soldiers instrument is strengthened, Basically is the rhythm that is hanged by lv bu.

Liu bei did not want to fight any more in this war. So far, it seemed to be a fruitful battle, but in fact, lu bu's elite never appeared on the battlefield except at the beginning.Jianan thirteen September third, jingzhou heavy rain."The Lord has ordered, dare to obstruct, kill!" The hussar, led by his guard, rode up, and with his indifferent eyes swept over the whole crowd of frightened families, holding a cold horse-cutting sword, which reflected the cold front in the sunlight.3d预测彩酷酷|pangAlthough pang tong's personality was a little perverted and his interpersonal relationship was in a mess, he was very recognized by zhuge liang for his ability. More importantly, pang tong was better at military strategy than himself.

3d预测彩酷酷|Milan just dull sitting in situ, by now he already cheer up, no resistance, no servant, because no matter how, even if lyu3 bu4 don't kill milan, milan's result is not too good, he provoked much family, according to previous practice, lyu3 bu4 to secure the profit, it is only natural that some concessions to family interests, even kill milan gave the family a replacement is not impossible."Yes, Sir, show me the way." The general also looked at pang tong, at the moment the general was at a loss what to do, it is the most easy to shake the time, was zhuoyang said so, also subconsciously will pang tong as a savior."But the confrontation between the two states was not based solely on war, especially when the new shu and the new shu were determined and the old families and people were not attached to each other." Ma su smiled.

Chapter 83 the centrifugation of Kings and ministers"Chen to children, donglai tai shi ci here! Not yet!" On the bank of the river, a general wearing a helmet armor, sneering at Chen: "look who this is!"'let him in! Monda frowned, as if"Good." He did not continue to be polite to meng da, but went straight to the royal palace3d预测彩酷酷|




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