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孝感动天之精忠旗天津期货开户'stop it! At that moment, a sharp arrow came through the air, and han rong was going to shoot pound. Seeing this, he quickly got up, picked up his long gun and shot the arrow into the air. Pound took the opportunity to struggle out from under the dead horse and stepped back."Er... "The strong man hesitated:" grass people li ping, this is...... ""See general." Xu shu stood up with a salute.

Hearing this, han rong shook his head and said, "unfortunately, that zhang liao is also a rare general.Outside the camp, cao cao's car frame was protected in the center, with two groups of guards guarding him and two phalanx in front of him. Seeing lv bu coming out, he couldn't help laughing and said:"Back to the commanding officer, those emissaries of lv bu had news. They were still in jiangxia. Last night, they launched a sudden rebellion and killed the general who had stayed in e county, lu xiong."孝感动天之精忠旗"Since hedong is in urgent need, why not order ma chao to give up hedong for a while and go south to help heluo? As for hedong, after the overall situation is stable, we can slowly figure it out." "Li ru suggested.

孝感动天之精忠旗While he was talking, he had already bypassed guan yu and fled to the side. His horse was as good as his horse. Once he pulled away, they couldn't catch up with him.< / p > < p > two days in a row, ma chao camp without any movement, at the same time, li dian also received the information from the front scouts, ma chao has led the army south luoyang.

"The enemy attack... Ah ~""Duke xuande, welcome!" In the evening, a governor came to liu bei's residence and bowed down to send him an invitation.All around the cao army is more flustered to flee around.孝感动天之精忠旗




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