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维汇简软件园网|糖仁福贴Chaos, lyu3 bu4 led more than two thousand elite soldiers in the huns to kill a circle, the huns formation after the chaos, then quickly out of the battlefield, in the huns ten zhangs away from the regroupment.Far away, across Mei county there are five or six miles away, lyu3 bu4 suddenly raised his hand, two thousand cavalry suddenly stopped behind him, the action is uniform, as if after countless rehearsals, a smell of xiao kill enveloped around, many have fallen asleep birds were awakened by the spirit of xiao kill, panic flew around.Lyu3 bu4 then took the men out of the city, looking at the fire behind the city, Zhou Cang bitter face asked: "master, where are we going to play now?"

"Eldest brother, what happened?" Out of the gate, ma dai finally thought of asking d."Husband, why not fight wuwei first, and then step by step annexation of korean hence forces?" Horseback, at the beginning of the woman Yang Xi eyes through the cold armor, doubtful to lyu3 bu4.维汇简软件园网|"Master, our people are here!" Cheng Gongying worried.

维汇简软件园网|What is virtue to the detriment of? In this era of emphasizing loyalty and ruling the world with benevolence, doing something contrary to Confucian benevolence, loyalty and filial piety, even if there is a loss of virtue, Confucian benevolence-based, law school to the law, the same people-oriented, it seems that there is no conflict, but in fact, there are many times the human relationship and law, is opposite."Yes!" Hao Shuai drunkenly answer, but there are a few moments can remember the unknown."On behalf of the huns will no longer fear, Can be in Jincheng, west Gansu, Hanyang, All the way into the West Cool, Xiongnu is how to treat the han people, I think I don't need to say, you should be very clear, once we retreat here, you can protect a life, but our family, our hometown, will cry and cry under the shoes of the huns, our children will be brutally killed by the huns, our wives will be spoiled by the huns! "

"Simple." Wei smiled and said, "I have a plan, but I can send someone to inform Zhong Yao, we are willing to surrender him, let him send someone to receive the city army.""That most beautiful woman in the world?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "What beautiful woman can the huns have? Or have you seen a few beautiful women?"If not, that can only use butcher's knife to force them to agree! Lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a cold kill, related to the west cool and even the whole situation in guanzhong, moon people must promise!维汇简软件园网|





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