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张翰公开恋情|泰州企业名录Early in the morning, the sound of hurried hoofs broke the dull xu chang, just opened the gate of the soldiers, far away to see the end of the official road, a distressed cavalry team flying towards this side, the broken flag, can vaguely identify xiahou two words."Although it was a little risky, pang shiyuan's capture of hanzhong also opened the door of shu for our army. In the future, when the Lord and the public wipe out the world, there will be no need to worry about the land of shu." "Chen gong laughed."Well!" < / p > < p > a few generals quickly agreed to a voice, someone came forward, CAI MAO's head cut off, pick on the gun to recruit xiangyang garrison around, zhang fei led the troops, but see where there are soldiers gathered, quickly rushed to kill the enemy scattered, recruit.

"Hey ~" zhang eight snake spear gently pick, only listen to a jingling sound, the heavy gun shadow dissipated, long gun spinning son inverted fly out, then the hand shake, CAI MAO so helplessly watching the snake spear from his closer and closer, with the impact of the horse, fierce hole through his chest."Got it. Go down." Ma chao nodded his head, then seemed to think of what, raised his head to call the captain, the corners of his mouth a smile, said: "send people to the plain, the news report to the white horse camp commander general zhao.However, even if cao cao did, he would have to give up his current power. No matter whether he won or lost, cao cao would be the loser.张翰公开恋情|Baekje thing, but also from the zhaoyun attack on gongsundu began.

张翰公开恋情|But this kind of person, give lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 all dare not to use, because where appropriate, in which are somewhat wasted, the best position, is to give lyu3 bu4 position free to him, this is lu bu yourself don't have that liu bei drive completely to believe a person, now lyu3 bu4, chan falling in to palace, is responsible for the interior, giffin check for lyu3 bu4 20, foreign, is pang, cao cao is given priority to, do their job, have their own specialization.As zhang liao's words fell, the trumpeter began to blow his horn and watched with satisfaction as xia houyuan, who was charging towards the camp, frowned and looked up, only to see that someone had taken down the flag of cao jun and raised it on behalf of lv bu."However minister this come, but is not for river east emissary of matter." Yang fu hurriedly said.

"It's... "Lv bu read the war report, and finally shook his head, although know that these two people are dare to risk the kind of, the battle of hanzhong let go to him two people, lu bu just asked two people to the result, the process does not have to report to himself, but now look at the time, or some heart rate accelerated feeling."Well." Sable cicada nodded, watching lv bu leave."The main force of jizhou has been defeated by our army. You and your troops will advance southwards along the bohai sea. Our main force will attack qinghe from yecheng.张翰公开恋情|




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