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峰峰二手车|即墨活动板房"Ding Ding Ding Ding ~""The general to come to the west, in addition to let me qiang people, also hope to borrow troops, hope that all ethnic groups can draw thousands of warriors for general west." Yang Wang looked at them and said, "If there is no objection, please go back and get ready. Send me the Qiang warriors as soon as possible and follow the tetrarch to fight the Korean thieves."Looked at again was driven down the wall of the west cool army, Korea hence helplessly issued a sounding order, fu ping in seibel guard, can be said to be watertight, let Korea then want to do everything possible to countermeasure, the other side is like a rock, difficult to break.

"Master, this person named Yang Qiu, is Korea hence under the maestro." Xu rong came forward, bow to lyu3 bu4 way.Equal to lyu3 bu4 plan the whole reverse, but think carefully, as marotta said, now even lyu3 bu4 under no scholar constraints, but want to fully promote also do not have the conditions, instead is marotta said, very much in line with the current situation."Brother Yang forgive me, male general is my master under the general, life only serve my master, a skill but also when thousands of improper yong evaluation, listen to brother Yang comment on others, in the heart is some not to accept." Giffin smiled at Yang Wangdao.峰峰二手车|Lyu3 bu4 from the evening did not see XiongKuoHai figure, want to be sent by the giffin, the present nodded: "In that case, then I will not ask about it."

峰峰二手车|Lyu3 bu4 nodded, the other party allowed: "You know what to say." He really didn't see through what tricks, at the beginning of huai county around and don't attack, also just to avoid trouble, his soldiers, hanoi's army were zhong yao away, take huai county these people also don't help, it is unavoidable that these people bad things, simply around and don't attack, huai county blocked the door, also just to facilitate migration of people in hanoi.Gongtai, did you get the booklet that was sent to you? " Sitting in his handsome account, lyu3 bu4 fumbled for a bowl of tea asked, this age has no tea, some is just tea soup, although the sable cicada's skill is good, in the Chen palace these humanities elegant people, aside from the material is not said to be top-notch, but to lyu3 bu4 mouth, or some difficult to swallow the feeling."Ha ~" D finally can't suppress the anger in his chest: "two thousand people, you have twenty thousand people!"

"What shall we do then?" Homer frowned."Er..." Zhou Cang smell speech, embarrassed scratched his head, bandit origin he used to poor, see so much hay, almost can't walk the road, at the moment just remember, they come out this time, but not just robbing food so simple, immediately wondered: "Why are those prisoners released? Even if can't recruit surrender, can kill them, lest have time to turn around and hit us again."Lyu3 bu4 helpless smile in the heart, now should not count as it is, but the years precipitated down the vicissitudes of life is from this era has begun to brew.峰峰二手车|




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