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轩楹健康商城曲美减肥药Zhang song looked at fazheng, his eyes flashed a killing machine, he did have a joint liu bei, give the idea of shu, this plan in his heart thought for a long time before making a decision.Said, waiting for the public response, two fingers of the right hand without hesitation dug into their eyes, in the crowd's cry, the students will be a pair of eyes out.Thousands?

"Prepare for war! With a wave of his hand, zhou yu and his five hundred men quickly approached the gate, taking cover from the surrounding buildings.Face to face, xunyou a bitter face, look at cao cao said: "Lord, the army medicine has not been able to keep up, many wounded soldiers have no way to treat."Too mean? Zhou yu looked at lu xun, shook his head and sighed, "I think bo yan has already gone to see his Lord and said these words before he came here."轩楹健康商城With a muffled sound, strong foot soldiers use up the power of the body, the bowstring, buckle on machine enclosed, another foot soldiers will be a five feet JianCu quickly build upon the bowstring, this new although unlike ares crossbow crossbows machine to be time consuming, but it is very time-consuming, general even a layer upon layer selected lux, most can only seven times.

轩楹健康商城Single crossbow has stopped the shooting, in response to the wall fights, the status of the ranks of inconvenience, lyu3 bu4 army early have corresponding tactics, with a sword and shield hand two spear and a crossbow hand, four people a group, if meets the sword and shield the condition of the standoff with the other hand, the spear was assisted by a spear sword and shield hand to give the enemy to push down, single crossbow although unable to shoot through shield car, wood of wood of armor, but the wooden beast to the enemy is not likely to go into the wall, even the shield soldier rushed up, single-shot crossbow was also enough to rival along with the opponent's body through the shield.'just so! Liu xun and shi yi, sun jing nodded at the same time, to tell the truth, whether put on the body of cao cao or liu bei, they are not assured, but can not refute, after all, they are now two powerful princes, but also the main force of this expedition, here, in addition to cao liu, other people really do not have much say."Let us suppose that if you were zhuge liang and had known my plan well in advance, what would you do to lead me to the bait?" Zhou yu took a deep breath. Lv meng's sudden thoughts confused him.

Although the number of people, but on behalf of the central plains, jiangdong, jingxiang, shu, almost two-thirds of the world, the ceremony of worship ceremony cao cao this time prepared but quite sufficient, with cao cao at his command, prepared officers and men on the incense table, will be on the three animals and six livestock, after the ceremony to heaven and earth, blood oath.< / p > < p > one, liu xun wen yan, subconsciously to cao cao and liu bei direction to look, now seems to be the alliance Lord can only be elected in these two people.Zhuge liang complexion some hair black, this is questioning his character? But at this time zhang fei temper, zhuge liang knew that if he did not give him an explanation, today, no, the next day do not want to live.轩楹健康商城





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