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男人的香气|春节团购福利礼品Liu shi slightly one zheng, dejected looking at his son, absentminded, seems to see the young yuan shao general.Open eyes, but see the other side of the soldiers and horses have been close to the ground of an arrow, and li dian but teeth limping toward the front to run.'you may die! Xu chu picked up xu you's skirt, the right hand picked up the broad knife, senran way.

"Why is that? CAI is stunned that although the two sides are Allies now, they are not very reliable Allies in these days."Yi?"In the second half of the sentence, you did not say, but sometimes, some words, do not say, rather than say more terrible, zhang yan at that timeHis face changed.男人的香气|"With the help of the old general, I think zhang liao will soon be broken." Yuan xi a smile intention between the table an old man frequently toasted.

男人的香气|Harmony cool gradually settled down, grassland has no threat, and the western regions have cioffi guarding, harmony is cool place also became a stable home, lyu3 bu4 gradually shift focus began to bing, hilo-systems area, has large parts of border, but still hedong cross between luoyang and bing, lyu3 bu4 life pound station troops HuGuan, guard against lombardi, d were tuning up the party, prepared in the coming year will hedong income.'wait! Li dian shook his head and said cautiously.

< / p > < p > guo yuan wen yan, looked at the soldiers on the ground suffered heavy casualties, and then look at gao shun put up the strong shield wall, countless arrows constantly from behind the shield wall swept empty, as the death of screaming, mercilessly deprived of their own soldiers' lives, the face suddenly became livery.'don't touch me! CAI's feng eye a stare, own some kind of prestige, cold hum way: "I can walk myself!""Don't panic! Li dian took a deep breath and shouted: "as long as we are not disorderly, they will take us out of the way. Archers are ready!"男人的香气|




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