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西双版纳州人才服务中心|淄博企业黄页In the army, There are also some martial arts or physical strength of the soldiers in the stimulation of blood confused mind, Roared rushed into the other side of the crowd dense place, the hand of the blade left split right cut, is majestic tight, but this kind of person is generally handsome but three seconds, followed by will be given a disorderly knife cut corpse, the real battle of the rest of the veterans is impossible to make such an irrational move."Hey, that's hard to say, kongming is usually a modest gentleman style, but not corrupt, if necessary, he can do it." Pang tong shook his head and laughed, to say here most know zhuge liang, I'm afraid it's him, that guy can belly black malicious, although two people also enemy also friend, but this time, as long as there is a chance, zhuge liang absolutely don't mind die of Yin himself."Hui strategist, is the guanzhong army sent letters. The general bowed down.

Not don't want to, just when the manpower is poor, jingzhou war situation has been played to this point, he doesn't believe lyu3 bu4 will be indifferent, and pang tong even got shu, as long as strangle the main road, pang tong want to send troops from shu, into jingzhou, but also difficult."General, seems to want to attack dianjiang is unlikely." Deng Xian came to wei yan side, for the guanzhong army combat effectiveness is a new understanding, but even if the guanzhong army has strong bow strength crossbow advantage, want to rely on this to attack the mat jiangcheng sufficient manpower is still difficult.Chapter one hundred and six to seize power西双版纳州人才服务中心|About which king to choose to name, this should be etiquette, who knows YangFu found a few talented people with high reputation to discuss, finally also don't know how, to discuss his title of generals in ancient times hall.

西双版纳州人才服务中心|"Poof ~"Qua tower, He Qi looked at tardif unexpectedly with guan yu war sixty or seventy undefeated, not big, stride to the drum platform, a will roll off the drum, picked up the gavel, personally beat the drum cheer, guan yu behind, Xing Daorong also excitedly waved the gavel."Already here?" When Lu Zheng got the news from Cheng Fang, he nodded and said, "It doesn't matter if General Cheng goes to see you. See what he says. Give me the charm and I'll mobilize the horses."

A strange python turn over, zhang eight snake spear against the physical mechanics of a bullet, will wei's broadsword block off, wondering at each other's sunken breastplate, zhang fei can not help but dark scold the guanzhong skills of the pervert.Ma's face changed and he snapped, "Go inside and have a look! But if there are rebels, shoot them!"The next few days, no matter yan yan or wei yan after that test, did not move again, wei yan built a camp, and yan yan yan is constantly strengthen dianjiang and dianjiang peripheral defense, both sides are waiting silently, waiting for the coming big battle.西双版纳州人才服务中心|




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