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番王的公主新娘|曼秀雷敦批发"Death!" Xiongnu martial arts frightened, hands mace ruthlessly to each other in the past, directly will be the famous head smashed.Lyu3 bu4 to the railing by a press, burly body in the air a beautiful turn, stable landing, in the eyes of the surrounding soldiers worship, toward these soldiers for their camp."The strategist, our soldiers these days casualties quite big, continue like this, we're afraid it's hard to stick to it, as ji county, LinJing area, refuse to keep the city?" Pound frowned.

Ho Yi Ho Man?"Arrows!" D fiercely waved."Big... adult, open... open the door, or we will be killed!" Just in the heart of both secretly anxious, zhang county commandant hesitated.番王的公主新娘|Lyu3 bu4 quietly looked at the scene, eyes surprisingly no anger, very calm, calm, some scary, this is troubled times, han indoor chaos, governors separatist regime, human life such as mustard, also constantly depleting the big fellow's national strength, until now, a vassal race, dare to reveal his fangs to the han people.

番王的公主新娘|"At least you won't see that day!" Mention d, larocca eyeground can not help but flash a touch of cold, sneer at 1, the silver gun a throw, draw saber from horseback, marten lean, boiling blood splashed on his body, but didn't know it, turn over and dismount, the head of Matthew also cut off, throw to the attendant: "hang in the city head!"..."Korea hence!" Marten pulled out his sword and pointed to Han Sui. "I treat each other with sincerity," he snapped. "Why are you plotting against me?"

"General, then we don't care?" The lieutenant looked carefully at the candidate.If the difference in strength, it is not an ally, but a dependency relationship, Korea hence obviously don't like to live under people for a long time, and marten side strength, there is no reason to yield to Korea hence."It 's a wearisome trick!" Candidate at this time also react to come over, face black, heart is depressed, he was not ready to siege, you stay in your city and wait for the results not line, somehow ran out of sleep is what do you mean?番王的公主新娘|




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